Bovine, Ursine, Donkey, or Elephant Dung: It All Stinks.

Here you are at the Wall Street Pirate looking for a prized nugget of Wall Street trading wisdom. You want a trade tip, maybe learn some trading tricks, or how to avoid traps, and/or you want new trade techniques.

But is that really why you’re here?

Maybe you stumbled onto this page searching for pictures of bulls, bears, donkeys, or elephants. My guess is that ‘looking for pictures of dung’ would be a long shot.

Aren’t you really here because you can’t find anything to read, anywhere, in any language or publication that does not contain the letters t, r, u, m, and p? That’s what I thought.

Now, as long as you’re here and for whatever reason…

In the stock market, we refer to participants as being either a farm animal, a bull, or a forest dweller, a bear.

It’s a simple concept. If you’re positive on the market, you’re bullish. Bulls fight by charging with lowered heads and then lifting that massive, horned head upward to strike their opponent.

In the market, the opponents of hoofed bovine are known as bears (furry-pawed ursine). These bears are not to be confused with Smokey, Yogi, or Boo Boo.

Every minute of every day the bovine herd fights off a sloth of ursine for control of the market. (Yes, a group of bears is called a sloth. Go figure.)

Market bears expect markets to go down. Lumbering bears can still be fast and are known for fighting by swiping their powerful massive clawed-paws downward.

On their respective Facebook pages, I’m sure bovine and ursine describe their relationship as “it’s complicated.”

It may be economic activity that jolts the market animals into action in one direction or another, but often that jolt comes from the actions of two other animals… another farm animal, the donkey, and a jungle animal, the elephant.

It does conjure images of stubborn Democrats and powerful Republicans respectively, doesn’t it? (Be my guest, transpose the adjectives describing either party.)

Why the donkey and elephant? “…cartoonist Thomas Nast used the donkey in his newspaper cartoons, helping to establish it as the symbol of the Democratic Party. And it was Nast who provided the Republicans with their elephant. … In an 1874 cartoon, Nast drew a donkey clothed in a lion’s skin – scaring off the other animals at the zoo.”

In the off-chance that you’re not aware of the stock market’s advance since the 2009 lows to present, and/or from the November 2016 election to present… the gains for the Dow Industrials are 241% and 24% respectively.

The market animals dance to the tune of the political animals since they control fiscal policy, how tax money is spent. It doesn’t matter to the donkeys and elephants that they are 21 trillion dollars in debt.

The market animals must keep bubbling the market upward.

The market gain mentioned is considered by assorted ursine gurus as “overvalued, and too expensive.” They await a market correction any day now. The problem is they’ve been in that expectation mode since 2015.

If you’re a market participant or market junkie, or if you’re a political news junkie that can’t get enough social media discussions, distractions, or if you’re just a gossiper of anything and everything… know this: Whether your animal is the bull, bear, donkey, or elephant whose respective dung looks like, well, a heaping pile of shit… it all stinks.

Something is very wrong with the markets and the animals know it.

Something is very wrong with the political system and the animals know it.

Still, the largest animal herd of all, the sheeple (whose own dung apparently does not stink, just ask them) have yet to smell it all for what it is… bull, bear, donkey, and elephant shit.

And it all stinks.

About wallstreetpirate

Thirty-five years in financial services from insurance to registered investment adviser, and trader (now retired). Currently helping wanna-be traders and experienced alike as a trading coach and mentor. I've been in and around, on top of, in the middle of, and on the bottom of the stock market for a long, long time. Here's all I've learned: Trading is about behavior, psychology, and appreciating what the charts are saying technically. You can't fake it. Either you know what you're doing or you don't. And as much as this isn't rocket science, it takes knowledge and a skill set to survive.
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